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We started our business in a small room in Thailand from the ideas of “saving money on FX on THAI BAHT for Thai people” abroad. We offer the lowest fee and give you a higher exchange rate when compared to major money exchange shops and UK high-street banks. We developed a better services and system under our own language to provide the best service for Thai people in the UK. Since starting, the company has grown from a tiny unknown company to a most admired and talked about UK-Thailand FX Broker Company in the UK. We set up ‘’A&B General Group (Thailand) Ltd’’ as a company name for the purpose of processing local payment in Thailand by connecting orders from our branch in UK, Europe and USA only. A&B General Group Ltd, does not operate services from a local customer in Thailand.

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We studied the Rules and Regulations and the possibility of operating the business in the UK. We observed particularly at the system of most banks and money exchange shops on high-street. We learnt that we could do so much more and even better. We came across the thought of ‘’if we can save customers money on the transfer fee and provide them with a higher exchange rate as well as a faster process under our own language then we would be on a superior side’’ and if we could do that, customers won’t be losing any more money on hidden fees. We were aware that there will definitely be hurdle but we never gave up. We strongly believe that this would make a massive change for the first time in the UK to a FX Broker market amongst Thai people.

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We set up A&B General (UK) Ltd in London, England under Financial Conduct Authority Licence, providing services on FX and currency exchange. This had made us the first Thai owned FX Broker institution in the UK. We operate under the trading name of ‘’A&B Money” as given to us by customers. We also learned from customer reviews, developed as well as made changes according to customers’ needs in order to improve our current products and services.

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We were fully aware that we have just started a company and was slowly growing.Obviously there were many obstacles, especially in 2010 from our main competitors like Western Union and Money Gram. Many of those companies offered us very interesting Terms & Conditions as they would make us under their mandate or in other words “Sub Agent”. Although we were very small at the time we did politely refused their offer and conditions because we always wanted to stand by ourselves and adhere on the thoughts of our own.

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From our honestly, endurance and hard work, the company has grown rapidly with unique, faster and better valued as a FX Broker company under the use our own language. We have compared different methods and services that were available in the FX services market at the time and selected the best ones to provide our customers with outstanding service. And by 2011 the name ‘’A&B Money’’ became the talk of the town regarding FX services amongst Thai communities around the UK.

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We set up A&B General USA Inc in Chicago, Illinois under Bank Regulations in the United States in both the Federal and State levels providing FX services between Thailand and USA. It was a big and important step for as we have reached a third continent and finally got a chance to deal with US dollars. We were hoping that open such a market in America where the Thai population is exceeding 300,000 would be quite successful and in another hand it would also be much more competitive than the UK. We were surprised as we later found out that we were the only main USA-Thailand FX Broker company and that we were the first Thai owned company to do so in America.

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Due to the financial crisis and economy downturn in Europe and the UK’s inflation problem in 2013, the UK government has introduced tougher rules and tightened up regulations for FX services business, resulting in the closure of as many as 300 related companies. But with the hard work and efforts that we put through that time, we managed to avoid being scraped by the tougher rules and regulations that were placed by the government. The Regulator even complimented our system that was made and developed by us and praised the way we worked on anti-money laundering checking as well as our database system.

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We were the first and only Thai FX Broker company who got invited to join the UKPI Group, an exclusive group where we can share and exchange the news and information about FX services business. That was the beginning of the idea of expanding our company to into other countries in Europe. Not long after that we have been introduced a newly and effectively Card Payment system by a top UK company meaning that we could take a payment from any bank card in the world. It was the first time that we could open a Card Payment system for Thai people abroad. It is unusual, as most Merchant companies would not open this sort of facility to a FX Broker company.

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We have grown to be No.1 UK-Thailand FX Broker Company with the total market share of 53.25% and more than 2 billion THAI Baht of total transferred value in 2014. We became an Authorised Payment Institution (API) with a MSB account under the HM Treasury and later were awarded ‘’Best UK-Thailand FX Broker Company” in 2015. And we are planning open a company in Germany in 2016 and many more countries in the near future to in order to serve the needs of Thai people around the world and helping them saving money on FX.

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This year we have expanded our business across Europe and expect to open our first European agent in Stockholm, Sweden early 2017. It comes as a surprise that Sweden has the Thai population of over 40,000 people. Finansinspektionen (FI), a finance division in Swedish Ministry of Finance has opened their arms and let us starts the business there. Moreover we have also been granted a licence from Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht (BaFin), a German financial regulatory authority to operate our business in Germany and we expect to serve some of the over 60,000 Thai people there.

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The leader of FOREX industry like FXPRO has visited us with surprise impact. They would like to be our alliance for co-ordination the Thai Investor from around the world under our wallet system. FXPRO’s Thai clients have sale growth average 200,000 US Dollar/week ($10.39 Million) now has rely with us which are boost up on our business turnover. This is another victory for us. And another confidence accepted of leader foreign partners

We have crown 2 biggest finance award this year in the title of ‘The Best Money Transfer Europe/Thailand 2017’ from Wealth & Finance Award 2017 and Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the world

With 3 Years of our success, we decided to move into the banking system, which is the highest point in financial sector. In the near future, we will be able to open a GBP and EUR bank account for anyone in Europe. Those mean, we can help and support available to 33 nationals within European Union, under name of ‘A&B Money Plus’ You do not have to mess with high street local bank anymore.

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Moreover, we have made a determination to turn our business as well as constitute to become a “BANK” sector which is the highest level or achievement within financial institution. For this reason, we have clearly fulfilled and meet all demands from our Thai customers in the UK and European countries.


Generally, we could say that we all have been into the most difficult time during BREXIT in 2018. The Pound’s also has dropped to its lowest over the last 10 years. In addition, we decided to enter Hong-Kong and Chinese market which eventually we have succeeded our collaboration with “Alibaba” one of the world’s biggest online commerce company. It helped our company to generate growth and representing 258 percent growth from the sum reported profit last year.

In conclusion, all the hard work we have done including our dedication and commitment have paid off as A&B General Ltd was recognized as one of the Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporation in the world for the third consecutive year.


A&B General Limited is ''the first Thai Baht specialist FX Payment company in Germany'' operated by Thai people.



A&B General Germany is registered with the bundesanstalt für finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht (BaFin) Ref : GW 3-K ‎‎6220-148332-2016/0001.
  We are a FX Broker Company which offers the lowest fee and higher FX than high street banks. Our aim is to provide the best service and exchange rates for our clients. We also offer a special minimum fee starting from 2 for your transfer. You can become one of our members to use our services. Our friendly teams are more than happy to help you save money on the FX. We are delighted to provide both individuals and companies to send money to Thailand via our best FX offers. Our members can save hundreds of euro by avoiding the high street banks' foreign exchange rates and services by using a specialist foreign exchange instead. We try to offer our members the best rates which is close to the interbank rate, the best rate for large international companies.


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